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2-3ish month review
04-Feb-17, 18:14 (This post was last modified: 04-Feb-17 19:35 by silversmurfer912.)
ok, so ive used other cheats before and straight away im gonna say that hex is easily the best "legit" cheat that i have experience with.

-The aimbot is excellent and the customization options/cloud UI are great, sound ESP is super cool and the community seems really dope. especially mena and the rest of the staff. ive had some absolutely shit experiences with some of the "other guys" just being flat out cunts and having very toxic forums, none of that here.

-The lack of visuals (walls/esp) leaves me wishing we had them here from time to time but for a "legit" cheat i think not having those visuals is actually very very smart and plays a HUGE part in keeping us safe in the event that we end up in overwatch so at the end of the day i like that its not even an option. good call!

-The price is just right. not stupid expensive which i appreciate very much.

-Individual options for every gun is awesome, i love being able to set most things to look legit but still have that scout in my back pocket if i need it

with that said i think that no matter what we do in life there will always be room for improvement and id like to share some things i would like to see added to hexUI:

1) for "quality of life" i think it would be cool if the client showed whos settings we are using/give people an option to title their settings accordingly (ex: "Loaded: hup3s v3.1"). Not a huge deal at all but when redownloading the client im never sure if i have my old settings or not.

2) i would enjoy being able to save a couple different cloud configs to have them at my disposal. this specifically comes from recent events here where certain members are no longer a part of the community and neither are their settings so it would be cool if we could save a couple just in case.

3) bhops... super fun but its a dead giveaway. for a legit cheat id rather not have it available much like visuals. i realize that i can turn it off but i have no damn will power haha.

4) Auto Counterstrafe would be really sick.

5) in my short time here there has been a couple times where something with coding got a little messed up and there was some concerns about untrusted bans and such being possible, NO CHEAT IS PERFECT and those situations were taken care of very swiftly and very professionally, i have not lost any accounts myself but more diligence with things like this is never a bad thing.
HexUI is still one of the safest programs out there imo. dont be afraid to buy at all

SOLID 9/10
As someone whos used multiple other providers i HIGHLY recommend HexUI over them all, no question about it!
Excellent program and community at a good price, i had a really hard time trying to find room for improvement here, only a couple small quality of life type things.
If your looking for a "legit" cheat, This is hands down THE BEST.

The staff and community are all stellar here!

Frag on bitches!
04-Feb-17, 22:19
Thank you for taking your time to write so much Smile and thanks for all the kind words.

Having multiple cloud settings is something that I have started preparing so it should come within too long it's more the actual design part that will take some time Smile, and that way you'll be able to choose which settings should be "active" when you load cs:go Smile
07-Feb-17, 01:08
Tahnk you for scipy rieevw!

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