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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
Almost one month user review
05-Feb-17, 13:05 (This post was last modified: 05-Feb-17 16:47 by Renova.)
Hello newcomers and already users who likes to read reviews. As a promise i will write a short review of this awesome cheat of HeXui.

The most awesome thing is that... YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING, you want shoot only to head ? Ok set it, u want that aimbot wont follow through walls ? set it too. You can make (if its right to say) your own way of cheating, not devs decided how cool you might look in servers but yourself, thats the first thing i like about this cheat (And if you cant find your favourite type of cheating, you just can use other users settings and compare..) , second is that you not only cheat but learn too, specially with recoil, after using it i rly learned spray patterns. (Thanks Menalix and Division).
Third awesome thing is community and dev team. I can guarantee you wont find better community than this one, everyone is helpful, not toxic. You get help in few minutes, cheat is updated after game update mostly in 10-20 mins.

So if you think if you should try it dont hesitate and im sure you will never think of other hacking community again.

Aimbot i would rate 10/10 since its fully customizible
Triggerbot 9/10 (-1 for lack of range, sadly it cant be fixed(And doesnt work at faceit))
RCS 10/10
BHOP well it works good so 10/10 but i dont use it. (It doesnt work at FACEIT)
Soundesp 10/10 although it sometimes confuses, so i dont use it often.


Thank you all for reading, and thank you again Division !
07-Feb-17, 01:07
Tahnk you for scipy rieevw!

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