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My experience with the cheat
10-Mar-17, 15:40 (This post was last modified: 10-Mar-17 16:08 by alexgg.)
I am not really kind when it comes to cheats most of the times you find me searching for the smallest bugs and anything can could make my experience with the cheat even 0.001% worse So here is my review


When i first purchased the cheat i got a automatic pm from menalix (which is awesome)Pretty much giving me links for everything that i need i then went ahead and contacted Division on skype (we all know what happens if i add menalix.)He then proceeded on giving me instructions on the safest way to inject etc he was really fast and helpful even when he was watching the finals.I got the cheat running in optimal condition (injected)In under 20 minutes of my purchase

Creating my own Settings

I didnt really make my own settings rather modified Yannicks that he was generous enough to give me i made it to my likings and it was quite honestly super easy to do so,i had my legit settings in under an hour (just because i am so strict with my settings)I could have easily been playing in under 30 mins.

In game Performance

This is the part where i was really woring that the cheat would fail,In game the cheat is awesome you can adjust your settings exactly to your likings and rank.This is also the best legit cheat i have ever used and i have used quite alot of cheats.


We all know the recent detections that occured Menalix is doing his best (trying to close all detection vectors)to make his cheat as secure as possible,valve has been so desperate in detecting his cheats that they even scan skype strings and you have hex ui . com on skype they will vac ban you for it.pretty desperate to detect a cheat if you ask me


The cheat has a really friendly community i already feel part of a family everyone is so generous and so nice towards any other hexui member,propably on of the best communities on a p2c,Also Menalix really takes his project seriously (as he partly lives of that)So you shouldnt worry about a vac detection occuring.Also as a university student i feel like i have spent my 10 Euros correctly.

Huge props Menalix keep it up
11-Mar-17, 04:35
Thanks dude SeemsGood
11-Mar-17, 16:05
Thanks man, and thanks for the post on hf thread too Smile ! Actually didn't know you were a hexui customer even though I have seen you some times in the hf cs section Tongue
11-Mar-17, 20:51
Yea you propably havent formed the best opinion about me you know the whole scamchetto thing never the less i will continue suggesting your cheat as it is the best i have tried.

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