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My 1 year review
11-Mar-17, 00:07 (This post was last modified: 11-Mar-17 00:10 by Papermakin.)

The aimbot is probably the best of any cheat I've used. So smooth, and so unnoticed, hell I've cheated while my friends were in the room, and they still didn't even notice anything. With the right settings, you can dominate even the best players (in my case Freakazoid, Stewie, and Shroud ), and still look legit.

Sound Esp/Triggerbot/Bhop

Since these are all smaller parts of the cheat, I'll put it one paragraph. As for the sound ESP, it's phenomenal. Visuals are a dead giveaway, and it still encourages you to check corners. The triggerbot is great, I don't use it too much myself, except for pistols in D2 B tunnels or something, but works fine. B-hop isn't just for fun, it's nice for beating timings for peeking or closing gaps with shotguns. Can be pretty obvious if you're not careful though.


In my opinion the most important thing about a (legit) cheat, it's security. Until very recently, very excellent. Although, I think valve really targeted Hexui, even going to extremes as to check skype logs that mentioned Hexui. I wouldn't expect another detection any time soon though, so I think our security will sit strong for a long time, so new buyers, don't hesitate to buy if you're worried about being banned. I had my main account for almost 2 years before a ban.

I figured after using this amazing cheat for so long, I needed to at least give new buyers a little share of my experience with the cheat. This brought me from nova 2 to Global elite. Even if you're already good, it makes the experience even better since you can lower your settings a bit, but still have the comfort of that aim assist/rcs. If you decide to buy it, you won't regret it.

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