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How to avoid getting banned on matchmaking
13-Mar-17, 23:52
Whats the best possible way to avoid getting banned?
what cheats should i use to just have a little bit of an advantage without getting banned.
Already got banned once so don't want to get banned again
Thank you
14-Mar-17, 08:13 (This post was last modified: 14-Mar-17 08:18 by dismay.)
Well, I don't know what you mean by "avoiding" a ban. As there are 3 types of bans that Valve gives out.

Overwatch is when you get 11 reports less than 21 hours. You can avoid this by
- not being sus
- not cheating at all

Untrust ban is when (to my knowledge), line(s) of code triggers a ban. Usually because of the coders mistake. Usually when a value is too different than the CSGO game or certain features in rage cheats that have been patched You can avoid this by:
- Don't use free cheats
- Don't use certain features that is known to trigger untrust bans
- Research the cheat before you buy or download

Valve-Anti-Cheat or VAC is when Valve has found something in a cheat then will purposely collect data from all csgo players and see if any of these scripts/offsets etc are triggered and ban everyone who had triggered them. You can avoid this by
- Not cheating at all
- Code your own cheat and never give it out
- Use cheats on Linux like Aimtux

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