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First time impressions
15-Mar-17, 22:13
Firstly a little background (I will keep it short promise) -

I was supreme / global legitimately and stopped playing the game around a year or so ago I returned to find out about prime and all this nonsense but just couldn't take the grind of getting a decent rank again (lem+) so decided id mess around with rcs, trigger etc. I had previously used a few hacks on 1.6 (non steam version so it was completely risk free)

Anyway on with the review;

First time CSGO hacker and this was so easy and straight forwards to configure, especially if you are already familiar with the terminology used (Trigger, esp etc) and even if you are not familiar with all of the settings there are plenty of people within the community willing to help you out.


The aim itself when setup correctly feels more of a slight adjustment to my current aim (my aim was already pretty good) there are times when I wont even notice it has assisted me in the slightest, if I cant tell its there a skilled overwatcher isn't going to notice much either very well done.
N.B - Rage hack setting will get you OW banned that is common sense.
The trigger:
I haven't really used the trigger in a comp, but I have tested it with shotguns, pistols etc in deathmatch servers and again when setup and used correctly its almost impossible to tell that a trigger is being used.

Sound ESP

I have used the sound esp a little bit over the last 5 days, it works extremely well but does require a little game knowledge to utilise to its fullest as it doesn't pin point an enemy for you. I generally have it either turned off or on extremely low and ignore it unless its beeping extremely fast, overall a very well implemented feature.

I cant really comment on the security as of right now as its only been a couple of days, but I can say I have had my teammates ask me if I can teach them how to spray better Big Grin it would seem everything is as legit looking as it gets.
I will come back to this section in the future and give a better opinion of the security, but I am sure it will live up to expectations.

-Extremely well priced for what you are receiving (It's not only a cheat, you become a part of the community)
-With correct setup its almost undetectable by other players / viewers
-friendly community always willing to help
15-Mar-17, 22:17
Thanks for the review mate Smile.
I agree some of the technique in all the different settings and names and getting your head around it can be better and I'm actively looking into simplifying it and making it very easy to get some good settings for you, but at the same time keeping the possibility, for the people who want, to fine tune and tweak stuff if they wish too. Smile

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