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My HeXui Review
25-Mar-17, 17:14

Hello so i've been on HeXui for quite a long time but I forgot my login credentials from my old account so I have this account now. I play alot of CS:GO without and with cheats and on both sides (legit/cheats) I play on a high level of CS:GO.


So, i've always liked this cheat and the support. The HeXui team is awesome and always helps when needed. The cheat works flawless and I like how it is put together (cloud settings, sound esp etc). The community is nice for when you're searching for players and/or teams to play with. The features are really nice, I love it. I will keep using HeXui till forever. I love it and I love the community.

25-Mar-17, 20:29
Thanks. We at hexui are happy to hear you enjoy the cheat Smile

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