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Hexui Review
26-Mar-17, 16:15 (This post was last modified: 28-Mar-17 23:34 by SmRo0.)
Been using Hexui for about 3 weeks i think now, Ive previously used Aimware and Aimjunkies.


Aimbot works like a treat while using Hup3s settings for looking legit, Ive had games where ill go full out aggression getting 30-40 bombs almost every game, I've reviewed my own demos and found its fantasticly unseeable, every game i just look like a good player, of course bearing in mind i have 3 years of Cs experience so i might look like i can hit the shots i can from good natural movement and awareness, thus reducing heavily a chance of an overwatch ban. 10/10 fantastic settings work like a charm


I've read through other support threads and my own all to which i got the information i was needing to use the cheat with ease, support is great in terms of answering any questions. 10/10


When i first got the cheat i was surprised to see there was not an option to have wallhack, this didn't bother me much as I never used it on previous cheats in competitive games, soundESP i gave it a go and its fantastic for getting that extra information getting the edge over your opponent, sometimes i do unfortunately run into a few issues where the soundesp wont work properly on rare occasions. I would give it a 9/10


3 weeks on one account using the cheat almost everyday with over 40 competitive played ranking from mg1 to LE with ease, No VAC ban or overwatch bans, its absolutely fantastic, so far its a 10/10 here with no issues


I am constantly called Shroud or Freakazoid because of the legit looking spray control, sometimes the RSC can have a little spaz attack if i get hit with Aimpunch but other than thats flawless for helping me spray down opponents.

FPS Difference;

Dell Xps 17; Without : 90-130 with 70-115 ( Lowest settings)

Custom built PC; Without 350-530 With 350-530 ( Max settings)


I wish there was an option to preset options such as a click of a button Rage/Legit/legit2, settings are easy to navigate through and to use other peoples settings is great.


Bloody well fantastic and you can bet your bottom dollar ill be buying myself another month. 10/10
16-Apr-17, 19:49
thanks for your review
19-Apr-17, 19:30
Nice review, appreciate it.

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