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Got banned on Hexui for using vpn
08-Apr-17, 07:55
I wasn't sure if this was a rule or not because I don't see anything saying not to use vpn with the cheat. But my Hexui account was banned for using a vpn with the cheat.

I just wanted to warn people to close the cheat before they open a vpn or something because I didn't expect it to conflict. From what I hear, the staff team is really good as resolving situations like this so I hope I can get my account back.

(I have only had the cheat for a day)
08-Apr-17, 08:58
VPNs are not allowed, make a post in payment issues and explain, then an admin will fix it once they wake up Smile
08-Apr-17, 09:00 (This post was last modified: 08-Apr-17 09:01 by disphexui.)
Thanks man!!

I posted in ban appeals so they should see it

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