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Updated input hook, to prevent it from crashing (9/7-2024)
5 days for test
12-Apr-17, 13:46
5 days for test is safe to use? i use cheat on my main.. its own my risk ok... but i used other cheat for like 1 year and im fine.. not vac/not over... hexui its secure?
12-Apr-17, 17:29
Hexui is quite secure.
But I STRONGLY advice to not use cheats on your main.

One day, you'll loose it...
13-Apr-17, 01:36
yeah i know it .. thank u
13-Apr-17, 05:37 (This post was last modified: 13-Apr-17 05:37 by willysabbit.)
this cheat has the most legit aimbot u will find

and its pretty safe

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