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I cant pm a person
24-Apr-17, 11:20
Hello! I can't PM anyone, so I'm making the thread. It says post count is too low. Can anyone help?
24-Apr-17, 13:56
with what?
25-Apr-17, 02:04
This problem.
25-Apr-17, 13:37
it's on purpose, since some people used it to spam our members, you need to be a paying member to pm or have more posts
26-Apr-17, 06:28
@Divison please i need your help just pm me its urgent please understand
26-Apr-17, 13:54
you can make a thread in payment issues if it's urgent, only staff and you can see your thread:
17-May-17, 22:55
Cant pm too
17-May-17, 23:22
(17-May-17 22:55)Ambrose Wrote:  Cant pm too

follow the answer I gave just above

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