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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
Very old member
07-Jun-17, 02:13
Had the cheat back in 2014, there was a ban wave then, i stopped using ever since. I stopped using cheats ever since.

Just got back to playing some CSGO since Overwatch is really boring once you hit 4000sr~

How's the cheat now?

Good for extremely legit play? Like super low fov aimbot (0.2-0.4 fov)? Can I turn off RCS I rather use the aimbot to aid me abit, I like to pull down myself.

No ESP right? Cause that's good.

Just look at my join date, super old.
07-Jun-17, 08:52
I paid for cheat with paypal, even see the money deducted on my debit card account linked to paypal, but I still have no sub.
07-Jun-17, 09:56
Make a post in payment issues.
07-Jun-17, 10:19
(07-Jun-17 09:56)hapsdog Wrote:  Make a post in payment issues.

I already did, about to head to sleep, hoping i wake up tomorrow with an answer or the issue fixed.

Be really awesome!
07-Jun-17, 13:32
The payment was processing in the screenshot you showed me mate. I can see it complted and you are a sub now, welcome Smile

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