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Vac Wave
09-Jun-17, 16:15
Hexui been detected in the last wave VAC ban?
09-Jun-17, 16:25
No we had 0 bans, we're completely safe.
Let me know if have any other questions Smile
09-Jun-17, 23:36
What is VAC Wave tho
10-Jun-17, 08:15
(09-Jun-17 23:36)JakeY666 Wrote:  What is VAC Wave tho

If this is a serious question, is when several cheat providers get detected and a lot of players get banned.
15-Jun-17, 13:32
(09-Jun-17 23:36)JakeY666 Wrote:  What is VAC Wave tho

[Image: b958d2c1e7c8dcbc378ab150fc323058.png]

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