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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
CS:GO HeXui Cheat
21-Jun-17, 14:21 (This post was last modified: 21-Jun-17 14:22 by RicoArmor.)
HeXui CSGO Cheat Review
By: RicoArmor

General UI / Client
The general UI and the client of the cheat provided is very light. At under 1MB, the client is what you would justify as lightweight. However, the cheat is by far not a lightweight. In fact, it packs quite a punch. Installation and running the cheat is simple and easy. No block-y menus, colorful bullshit. Everything if not mostly by cloud settings. You can easily twiddle with it online on your phone even!

The aimbot for HeXui is completely customizable. Gun to gun, and even the Zeus Tazer can be customized. Setting it legit or fully blatant depending on the gun itself! Very strong customization here. One of the widest range by far.

Wallhacks / ESP
HeXui does not come with a full blown 'Wall Hack' or your usual ESP. Instead, it comes with a sort of ESP 'Sonar' to be better described. Your pings increase in tempo when you get closer to an enemy, letting you understand that you have to be on high alert and check your corners. This makes you seem super legit, coupled with a good passive aimbot, you'll seem like you're a semi-pro even on FaceIt! Did i just mention FaceIt?

Security on this is no joke. It EVEN comes with proper instructions and explains how Valve VAC works. So follow the tightest security option and feel free to cheat! Unless you get OW'd because you're blatant as heck, then it is your fault. And yes, FaceIt! It comes with the mode to play on FaceIt. If you're challenged by people to come on FaceIt to play, go ahead. Let them feel pain!

-Could use some directional sounding pings or short ranged ESP.
-More intuitive selection for options for beginners
-Well situated in pricing
-Superb security

Disclaimer: I do not condone cheating nor do i care if you cheat, this review is for anyone looking into this cheat provider and want to understand how it generally is. Under no circumstances will blame be put on me or the cheat provider if you were caught. This is an unpaid review and unsponsored. I am a freelance cheat reviewer, please do not PM me your issues. All rights reserved to HeXui.
21-Jun-17, 14:31
Hey thanks for the good review Smile

I agree with the the more simple configs for beginners, this is something I will solve in a later update of cloud settings

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