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Hexui Detailed Review
21-Jun-17, 19:13 (This post was last modified: 21-Jun-17 20:47 by Shibe.)
After hearing some good things online about hexui I decided to give it a swing. If what you're looking for is a legit and lightweight cheat, hexui definitely delivers. To preface my review, I've been with several cheat providers over the years, mainly the larger providers, but they've either never been very secure, or they look far too unlegit.

TLDR; Hexui is lightweight and will definitely give you an edge (given you tweak the settings a little), and offer one of the most legit options out there. Very helpful community and have great options for pricing too.

Security has always been an issue with other providers, and though I can't comment on this yet with my time here, the most recent ban wave hasn't sent any hexui users on vacation here so I can gladly say their security is one up all the other large providers - I got vacced on a smurf using an alternate provider's cheats.

Not only this, but hexui also provides a "Premium" option (which goes on sale once/twice a year - great for limited access) for customers looking for even more security, and early beta access to cheats, which is a really nice touch imo. Though I can't comment on the improvement in security, I know that this premium is so limited that the chance of detection compared to a cheat with hundreds of users would be way lower.

As long as you follow their injection methods and don't hack blatantly enough for an OW, I trust the security of this cheat will go a long way in keeping your account safe.

All the settings are online under cloud settings, and the actual file you download to inject is super lightweight, ~150KB.

Once you subscribe to the cheat, they send you a PM telling exactly what to do to, i.e where to download the client, and different methods of injection. This is a great personal touch for all the users out there from experienced, to first-time user.

The cloud settings continue to improve during my usage, and you can tweak settings to the T if you really wanted to. The settings are clearly laid out, and configs from other members are easily accessible for import if you so wish as well.

The aimbot hexui employs is one of the best if not the best I've used to date. With the right tweaking (i.e. fov & smoothness) you can definitely make the aimbot super legit, and give you an edge for competitive play.

Unlike many providers, the aimbot is smooth and no-stick never overstays its welcome.

Though not unique to hexui, being able to customise each specific weapon's aimbot is a great touch and really lets you customise each weapon's aimbot to your heart's content.

Though I've only used the triggerbot a few times, it has worked extremely well and I only stopped because I rarely needed to use the feature.

Community and General comments
With my limited stay with hexui, I can gladly say that the community on hexui in general is very friendly and helpful. I've never had a question in the shoutbox unanswered, and a mod/admin is always online to help out or have a chat with.

Many other providers often leave users to their own devices and don't have that personal touch with their users, and hexui definitely makes you feel at home.

Hexui lets you have a 5 day trial which is a great option for people looking to try before committing, which is a very nice touch.

Overall, hexui offers one of the better semi-private cheats out there, and I think the difference maker for me personally has been their very legit features (which they continue to improve) and knowledgeable and friendly community.

They deliver on what they say they are, and not may providers can keep up this end of their claims.

Stay woke my friends, and stay awesome hexui.
22-Jun-17, 05:03
Thanks for your effort and time put into this review, I really appreciate it.
22-Jun-17, 16:07
Thanks for the review man SeemsGood

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