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26-Jun-17, 03:56

Okay to start, this cheat is honestly one of, if not the best cheat currently out.
This is an unbiased review.

First buying the cheat.
As soon as I bought this cheat, I got a private message which gave me clear instructions and detailed idea of how to run the cheat safely.

Aim Settings
The settings are extremely easy to use and to understand, so easy to customize for your own personal use,whether you want legit, semi legit, or rage you can just completely customize it. It is ideal match making, facit or any other servers, as they support their anti-cheat. Also if you have no idea on how to actually customize these settings, you can use settings from other users with the click of a single button, which makes it so much easier to use!

There are no wall-hacks, or visual esp. However there is sound esp, which sets off a 'beep' for when an enemy is getting closer so it gives you more of a sense that there is someone near. This kinda wasn't for me when i was playing competitive, how ever it might be good using it for you. There is also an option to change the frequency of the sound esp, and how far away enemies are for it to go off.

Security of the cheat.
The developers of the cheat have put an amazing amount of work for the security in which goes into the client. Whether its the VAC system or private anti-cheats, you should feel safe using this cheat. Also it never is recommended to use it on your main account. The most likely way you will get banned (that's if you do) will be through overwatch, which is preventable with the right config.

The staff team on HeXui have an amazing staff team in my opinion, fast replies, active staff and straight to the point to help you out. Never feel afraid to ask questions.

Should you buy this cheat?

I have been using this cheat for roughly a month now, using different settings, mixing and matching, and I went from s4 to gold nova master, and I could improve if i tried. I highly recommend at least trying this legit cheat if you are looking to buy. It is ideal for legit cheating, and is definitely the best out.

Thank you.
26-Jun-17, 11:35
Thanks for the nice review man SeemsGood

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