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[Info] Changes to Hexui's client download page.
18-Jul-17, 02:08
Besides the cheat changes already described in our private section. We have altered our download page, due to a problem with Anti-Virus software.

Some Anti-Virus with web-shield enabled blocks .exe downloads from our domain since we can't code sign uniquely generated .exe files. We have now come up with a solution to this problem.

Way too many people used to disable their Anti-Virus, we do not want to encourage people to disable their PC's safety, the Anti-Virus.
We always tell people to whitelist Hexui as a domain, but for some, that is a hard task, and whitelisting domains can be risky.

From now on the client download page, you will have two options when downloading:

1. As .EXE, this is the ordinary way which many AV's web-shields blocks, due to the trust of our domain, and the file isn't code-signed, if you use this you might have to whitelist the Hexui domain depending on the anti-virus you use, which is not recommended, unless you whitelist the full path: '*'

2. As .ZIP (password protected) by password protecting the .ZIP file AV's web-shields can't see the file, and you will not need to whitelist or disable your AV but will have to extract the client manually from the archive on your PC.

Here's a picture:
[Image: fa1562e13f9f08eaf936bce6c40d8099.png]

Kind Regards Division and Menalix.
18-Jul-17, 02:47
This will help so many users, great work guys.
18-Jul-17, 04:33
Looks really clean too, nice addition
18-Jul-17, 09:03
You are very helpful, thanks Smile
25-Jul-17, 20:13
Gr8 work as always chinese
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Rip me dremz

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