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I paid for the Cheat and i got nothing. :-/
19-Jul-17, 10:06 (This post was last modified: 19-Jul-17 10:21 by igotthemagicstick.)
Dear Admin,

today i bought the cheat again for 30 days and i paid for it. I have no access to the cheat or to any site here. Maybe you can help me. I can show you that i paid for the cheat today. But i didnt get anything. :-(
19-Jul-17, 10:31
i waited more than 20mins now. Nothing happend. I didnt get any access to the cheat but my money is booked. Undecided
19-Jul-17, 16:01
Make a post here :

Only you and the admins can see the tread.
20-Jul-17, 00:48
btw if it was through bitcoin it may take a little longer
20-Jul-17, 02:40
You bought with an e-check, we don't upgrade until we receive the funds Smile

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