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[Ban Section] Sorry Mentalix, Division
31-Jul-17, 13:35
Hello Mentalix And Division

My name is Albin! I had Hexui long before! I got vac banned when i used this cheat, Fidde recommended this cheat for me, i buyed it and i play a few games, got vac banned directly , i didnt know what to do, so i took refound on paypAl, then i got banned from this forum. I really want the month back,
Sorry for refounding the money, i think my name was Wooz, before

I really liked this cheat..

31-Jul-17, 14:46
Post in ban appeals on your banned account Smile
31-Jul-17, 16:11
(31-Jul-17 14:46)Division Wrote:  Post in ban appeals on your banned account Smile

Dont know the password, can test
31-Jul-17, 16:42
Its sats "Your forum account is currently banned. Ban Reason: Chargeback
Ban will be lifted: Never", i vant do anything, please unban me so i Can by IT Again...
31-Jul-17, 19:57
Do me a favor and post in here(only between you and staff / private):

I need the old username

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