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Hexui Legit Setting Frag Movie
05-Aug-17, 08:06
Just a quick video i made to showcase what hex can do
Im a Lem and all these frags are from one match
Love the cheat, Keep up the good work

05-Aug-17, 08:17
Damn I really like this edit! nice job dude
05-Aug-17, 08:40
(05-Aug-17 08:17)Division Wrote:  Damn I really like this edit! nice job dude

Thanks my man
05-Aug-17, 14:57
Nice and clean kills.. Smile
06-Aug-17, 01:03
Logic <3
06-Aug-17, 03:26
(06-Aug-17 01:03)JLOL Wrote:  Logic <3
06-Aug-17, 16:29
dude nice.
06-Aug-17, 18:00
(06-Aug-17 01:03)jLOL Wrote:  Logic <3

can't go wrong with logic Tongue
07-Aug-17, 07:20
Nice job i like the video rockk!!
08-Aug-17, 02:50
sexxy edit mate
08-Aug-17, 09:48
Good job dudee,
26-Nov-17, 15:28
Holy shit how blatant that looks lol
11-Nov-19, 20:00
So simply does not happen
05-Nov-22, 13:15
ns ns

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