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27-Aug-17, 08:12
Hey dear staff,

I used to spend a lot of time on this forum by the name Wikkid and have an issue.

I logged recently on Hexui (it's been a while I did not cause of studying and so on) and once I logged back in after years, it keeps redirecting between 2 pages.

As I'd like to use my "Wikkid" account and not "Wikkid2" to pay that cheat, I'd like to know how to proceed and if that was normal or just an issue if I had this redirecting pages every second... As far as I know I've never recieved a warn nor restriction and paid for the cheat a couple of time

Tried to message Menalix or FiddeM to get a bit of help but it said me the post count was too low, so here I am. Also, I'm sorry if it's not the right place to post, but as I wanted to acquire that cheat back again, and I can't, I felt it's the right place to post a thread at!

I'd like to send screenshots to prove you but I'm apparently not allowed to post links in this forum, which I understand why!

Kind regards,

27-Aug-17, 13:08
Hey just reset your password on you @wikkid, account and it will stop doing that mate
27-Aug-17, 15:32
(27-Aug-17 13:08)Division Wrote:  Hey just reset your password on you @wikkid, account and it will stop doing that mate

Sorry to tell you that, but it keeps redirecting me! Sad
27-Aug-17, 17:56
Open another browser -> reset your password
28-Aug-17, 06:14 (This post was last modified: 28-Aug-17 06:21 by Wikkid2.)
Tried with another brother and even over my phone or even in a private internet page, and I still got redirected...

Sorry for bothering you tho...

Could you change w/e password you want and send it to me via e-mail to see if I keep having that redirecting issue? I can't access to the page at all, no chance to get into it, even tried the "get a new password thing" but once I have to change my password it's redirecting me again and again!
28-Aug-17, 12:26
I've just reset it for you now, check your email.

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