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CSGO Hexui Review
11-Sep-17, 23:01
I've got to say this is a pretty nice hack, i would highly recommend this one for several reasons, the customer service is excellent for one they try to respond as quick as they possibly can, and when a csgo update occurs, the hack is usually updated A.S.A.P. The majority of people on here provide help aswell as configs that you may or may not like depending on your playstyle.

Now let me just say this is not the typical hack where in which you would recieve walls to make it a little more legit they went with sound esp which beeps every time a enemy gets in a certain vicinity of you, which can help improve your game sense over time if thats something that you wouldn't mind as I see people have issues with not having walls but I personally dont mind not having them.

You can use it in Matchmaking and FaceIT.
Its affordable. (So it definetly dosen't break the wallet.) which also supports the devs when purchased which is a +
Updated regularly.
Excellent Customer Service.
Different Configs to choose from.
VAC Undetectable which is always nice. ( 1).Make sure Steam is off. 2).Load the hack onto a USB. 3). Remove USB. 4). Login to Steam and start CSGO. 5). Edit the hack via User Control Panel on <- Can load any other way but this is the safest.

P.S. Hack went down for less than a day due to late CSGO update, for the inconvience
the devs gave people an extra couple days of subscription. What an awesome way for the devs to compensate for the trouble even when they did not have to. So that is always awesome and should be recognized!

Defiantly recommend! Subscribe, Play and Enjoy!
12-Sep-17, 01:42
thanks for the review +++
12-Sep-17, 07:43
Thanks man

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