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27-Sep-17, 00:37
It was revealed today by Tristan on
That GamersClub, a Brazil csgo gaming platform that pro-player Fallen often advertises about, infect their end-users/customers with a RAT named DarkComet, on regular basis:

This means they have transmitted keystrokes, browsing history, files, even might have transmitted webcam pictures of your pretty face, and more.

To make sure your computer is clean if you played on GC, launch Windows in Safe-mode, and remove: SteamOverlayUI.exe file in your Windows temp directory, and do a scan with MalwareBytes.
Or run Windows normally, and kill the process cvtres.exe through taskmanager, and run a scan with MalwareBytes.

Hexui does not have support for this Anti-Cheat, but I have heard lots of talk about GamersClub here on our website, so to you guys, stay away from it, and start playing FaceIT or something instead.

Regards: Menalix
27-Sep-17, 03:08
Fucking dogs, seriously. I understand if they logged basic shit like hwid, IP, other tracking components, but infecting members with Trojans isn't acceptable.
27-Sep-17, 04:36
DarkComet srsly? Big Grin
Its so easy to track it, why would they even try such things Smile
27-Sep-17, 06:05
prank'd by gamersclub
27-Sep-17, 12:03
social experiment
28-Sep-17, 03:24
Seems scummy af
29-Sep-17, 09:34
"hey uh, thanks VB for pointing me to this topic"

Yeah no worries Mena, always happy to help
05-Oct-17, 05:36
Brazilians are scary.
10-Oct-17, 00:59
Richard Lewis just posted a video on this, worth a watch while you're DMing or something

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