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Review after 24 hours
01-Oct-17, 23:19

I come here as an old aim**** user. A lot of times I used aw, however I decided to try out hexui for the first time, instead of all the other providers. What I can say is;

- Best product on the market
- Easy to install/use
- Ability to import settings from other users
- Pretty legit

So far I had no issues and it's working flawlessly. One thing came into my consideration is that HEXUI lacks a bit of advertisements especially on google. The search results provided your page URL to me like on the second or third page only, but it's cool.

When it comes into consideration which provider you should pick don't think, just try Hexui.
02-Oct-17, 08:08
Haha nice review, for me at least, hexui is the third google result for "csgo cheats"
26-Oct-17, 23:11
Normally we were ranked second on google actually, but due to a mistake in our web-development, we got 3000 dead links and that caused huge troubles for our rankings, so we are doing what we can to fix it:

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