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11-Oct-17, 14:10
I just got banned because heuristics? wtf ? I paid for 3 months and I'm here from october last year! Mena, please unban me!
It was in exception list in BITDEFENDER! Scanning + Firewall! So how does this happened?

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11-Oct-17, 15:01
Just make a ban appeal with your main account
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I have the same problem like him,@menalix pls help me!

I have played a game and when I came back it was banned in hexui, I do not understand the reason since I have been using it for 4 months and the only `` external`` that I could affect is the skin changer and I have always used it with hexui and I do not has given problems.--Ban Reason:Banned due to a heuristic detection.--This is the message that I find in my main account, called meguito,I would like Menalix or an administrator to contact me so I can talk about the subject, because I can not find reason to be banned. Thanks
15-Oct-17, 17:49
(11-Oct-17 15:01)jLOL Wrote:  Just make a ban appeal with your main account
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