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12-Oct-17, 21:08
Welcome to my HexUI review

Aimbot & RCS
The aimbot u really need to perfect in order to not be snappy or be fishy,
due to this cheat being external, it's actually one of the best aimbots i've had (If configured right)!

what I personally like is the rcs, it's very easy to configure to get those perfect sprays!I give the aimbot a 8.5/10 (since u really need to perfect it for it not to snap, but hey,
it's an aimbot!

The triggerbot is just a regular triggerbot, but it's awesome!
It really helps u get those one-taps on your enemy, very useful in pistol rounds!
The triggerbot gets a 10/10, because with my settings, I'll never miss a shot chinese!

I've got nothing to say about it, it's great!
It will get more frequent the closer u get to the enemy, which won't make u obvious for overwatch, since u don't always just peak the corner the enemy is in, but u check all the corners once u hear that beep sound!
Will be the best u will find!
Sound ESP 9/10 (since the beeps sometimes are not that good, sometimes it just stops but that could be me!)

I give HexUi 9.5/10 because it's the best legit hack u will find, because of the no visuals it's hard to get an overwatch ban! But it's awesome, Once my current subscription runs out, I'll probably get the 3 month pack because it's worth it!

That's it, thanks HexUI!
13-Oct-17, 04:37
Nice review

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