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review after one month of extensive use
04-Nov-17, 15:23
So basically my review can be broken down into Three Categories:
First of all I'm going to talk about my experience with the Aimbot: It has great customisability from barely noticable to pretty damn blatant. The main issues I have are the visibility check which quite frankly is sometimes astonishingly bad, eg tracking people after they ran behind cover etc and also the twitches the rcs does when playing with high ping. Whenever i lag a little and try to play my aim goes everywhere exept the enemy. Also I have encountered two or three occations where my crosshair would get dragged up or down without anybody in sight or the aimkey being pressed. So all in all, once you learn not to shoot after someone has hidden from sight: 8/10.
Now on to the Triggerbot: I dont really use it that much, but the times i did it performed very inconsistent, missing easy shots even set to fire at 0 ms, and sometimes hitting abnormal pixel shots at over 150 ms. Since I have not really experimented with this any further: 6/10
Now to the SoundESP: The godlike feature, which makes you catious at the right time, but not overly aware. In the beginning exspecially i had to main issues: First the understanding, that in ony takes into account horizontal distance (i believe at least), which can screw you over a lot on nuke and secondly the fact that you have to try to hide it. When i first got it i basically intuitively used the information i got in a similar fashion to sounds i would hear normally, meaning i would make calls without hearing footsteps, but i guess that is just down to my personal retardation. Once you get used to it though its a solid 10/10.

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