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Refund questions
08-Nov-17, 15:01
1. Why is the admin literally holding back on a refund when I realize it's not a rage cheat and never read the word legit in the first place

2. How long does it take for a admin to help me out here

I just want to go get a Asian key .. please.. yes I opened the cheat.. but that was for the first day to check it out. Please solve our issues.. as i cant even pm anymore because my posy count is too low.
08-Nov-17, 15:19
First of please don't phrase this like we have been ignoring you, you've been in contact with both me and the owner for a refund request after you've used our non-refundable product.

We do offer refunds but not if you have downloaded AND used the cheat which you have done.
We offer our trial subscription (5 days), for people who want to test out the product if they are not sure.

You say you haven't seen that it was a legit cheat, although it's actually directly phrased as the first thing when you enter the product page:
[Image: 785bf2410ae94aae04cbb18bf432ee21.png]

Also we have helped you out but your request has been declined.

I'm not sure what you mean about an asian key.

Have a continued good day Smile

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