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Some questions
13-Dec-17, 00:22 (This post was last modified: 13-Dec-17 00:23 by CSGONoodles.)
Hey I was just looking at the cheat and I have some questions. What is a cheat break time? Do configs save to the cloud or is it saved into a file? How many configs can we have? Is there backtracking? I see that you have esp but will you plan to implement chams?
13-Dec-17, 12:40
1. Cheat Break Time is how fast the cheat executes.
If you have fps issues you can increase this so it runs a little slower, if you don't have you can decrease it to make the cheat run faster.

2. Saved on the cloud Smile

3. Atm you can have 1 config at a time, but we're adding multiple configs in the near future.

4. There's no backtrack in hexui no.

5. We do not plan to add chams no, we have glow esp (visual) and sound esp (audio)
visual esp is an extra feature

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