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First Time
19-Dec-17, 01:52 (This post was last modified: 19-Dec-17 03:08 by Sheiz.)

I've been looking at a lot of cheat providers for the last weeks, and this one is really pleasing me. But I have a few question,

I'm not very good with computers ( not the worst ) I've never used a cheat before and I'm afraid of not getting it to work. So do you have a tutorial ? Is the installation easy ?

I've read a thread, you said last time you got detected was months ago, do you get detected once a year ? less ? more ?

Is there a way to know if the hack is detected .?
I mean, if you realise that it is detected, do you warn everyone asap ?

Can we pay with paypal ?

I'm sorry for the bad english, I'm french.
Thank you for your time.
19-Dec-17, 15:49
Theres a good tutorial which will be linked to you instantly after your purchase.

Last time we got detected was almost a year ago. You cant really predict how many times youre going to be detected.

Yes staff informs ppl if the cheat is insecure. And usually the cheat is not available to use if its insecure.

Yes. You can see all payment methods on frontpage or
19-Dec-17, 16:36
We also have a support forum so if you need help installing it you can simply ask there Smile

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