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Question about chams and player glow
20-Dec-17, 21:14
Hey, was wondering if the cheat has chams and whether or not the cheat also has player glow as it is stated in the features but cant find it in the cloud settings ( asset/img/cloudsettings(v1.07).png)?
20-Dec-17, 21:55 (This post was last modified: 20-Dec-17 21:58 by Mantik.)
In the cloud settings there's an option to set a keybind for Glow ESP. Glow ESP is the only type of wallhack Hexui offers.

Glow ESP got added recently because it's a majorly requested feature. But as far as I know Hexui focuses on legit cheats; wallhacks do not fall under legit cheats which is probably why it was never in Hexui until now.

Glow ESP is an optional feature. You can find it under "extra features" on the payment page.

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