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Need admin assistance
28-Dec-17, 15:22
Can an admin please add me on skype: icejaff

Division/Menalix, would rather not discuss the issue on the forum, it's important.

thank you
28-Dec-17, 22:02
I pm'ed you however i'm not often on skype because they block port 80.

Feel free to post here for a chat only between you and staff:
30-Dec-17, 06:28
responded to skype, thank you
03-Jan-18, 00:56 (This post was last modified: 03-Jan-18 01:00 by Light_yagami.)
hello just bought a cheat for 5 days but got no download link.

how do i download it?

ive put two different nicknames but register under this one. i got a Receipt No pls contact me. iam noob here
03-Jan-18, 01:48
Please make a payment issue thread @Lighy_yagami

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