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im new here
27-Feb-18, 17:51
Hello guys, im new here and i have a question can i get vacbanned if i pay 5 days?
27-Feb-18, 22:15
You do not get vac banned for paying for a 5 day subscription, no Big Grin
01-Mar-18, 02:52
how should i inject the hack?
01-Mar-18, 07:43
There are multiple different injection methods, all of which are equally great (and secure). I've found that the most common are usually aspnet_regbrowsers or aspnet_regsql, but it's up to you.
02-Mar-18, 01:53
thank you guys ^_^ you can lock this thread if u want thanks again for helping.
03-Mar-18, 16:14
Can we use these cheats on a windows server?
03-Mar-18, 19:31
If you have .net framework

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