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FACEIT AC client
13-Mar-18, 02:48

So I did some research on the posts in here and I couldnt really find a concrete anwser to this.

Can I play on FACEIT with the anti cheat client open or not?

I saw a post where a guy asked the same question, but the moderator wrote yes but not with the face it client.

So does that mean I can play with the anti cheat client open, but I cant play through the "new" face it client?

Meaning that I have the anti cheat client open but I'll find matches through their website and not client.

Thanks xD[/align]
13-Mar-18, 08:02
We do not support the faceit anticheat client. (No p2c does at this point)
13-Mar-18, 08:55
Okay thanks for the reply.

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