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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
A few questions.
15-Mar-18, 04:06
Hi, I have a few questions regarding Hexui and cheating in CSGO as a whole. They're long but I want to be thorough and from what I've seen so far this community is most helpful. Keep in mind I am looking to purchase a subscription to the cheat. The better the help, the more likely I'll purchase.

1. Is it possible to be VAC banned on multiple accounts even if you only use the cheat on one.
I ask this question because in 2012 I used a private hack from a different website whilst playing Counter Strike Source. I had been using my family's steam account to play but purchased my own to use with the cheats. I got 270 hours in before the account got VAC banned. I dumped the account and the cheats and went back to using my family's account. Unfortunately, that account got VAC banned too, about 2 weeks later. I did not use the cheats once with that account. How did this happen? And is it possible it could happen again? I ask because I want to use Hexui for my main CSGO account simply to boost my rank back into MG which is where I was before being deranked to GN3 which I simply cannot get out of now. And I will of course use a smurf to test the cheat. If the smurf is detected, how can I protect my main?

2. Are there any early detection warnings.
The cheat I used in 2012 was being reported as detected about 1-2 weeks before a mass VAC wave (which I fell under). A dozen or so accounts were reported as VAC banned. Instead of heeding the warning I continued to use the cheat and ended up banned. Can such a thing happen with Hexui?

3. Is it possible to be banned even after you stop using the cheat.
Say for example I use the cheat for 2 weeks. Get my rank back. Then uninstall and delete the cheat. At this time, it is undetected. Is it possible, if it is detected in the near future that I can be VAC banned? I simply ask because the above question raised this issue.

4. For fun, could I use sandboxie/two PC's and have two accounts going at once, and if the cheat is detected, will they both be banned?
In this example, I have one with the cheat and one without. Lobby the two accounts together, and have the cheat-free account go afk while the cheat active account dominates the match. This way I could use a smurf to cheat with which would boost my main which was afk. If the cheat is detected, will they both be banned?

5.Is there an exclusive version of the cheat.
Of course, to give myself the best protection possible, is there an exclusive version of the cheat, and if not, can I purchase one? Money is no issue.

6. Noob question: Why does the cheat register as a virus?
I purchased a five day sub of the cheat and when I went to install (after disabling Mcafee etc) Windows defender kept reporting the cheat as a virus. Why is this? Is the cheat safe for my PC?
15-Mar-18, 05:47
1. Yes, it is possible to have multiple accounts VAC banned, but it is ONLY DUE TO PHONE NUMBER SHARING. If you don't have the same number on both accounts and leave one account completely un-injected, you'll be fine.

2. Early warnings are hit or miss. VAC detections can take a few weeks, and some users in the old ban wave were saved by others claiming the cheat was injecting and them not injecting. There are also other signs like the summer sale and winter sale where Valve pull a quick one and ban people to buy CSGO again.

3. Yes, but it is absurdly rare. The last detection was over 400 days ago, so the chances that you use the cheat during the few days it's detected would be very unlikely, but there is a possibility. Currently, the only way you can get banned is from Overwatch, so don't play blatant.

4. Someone else needs to answer as I am not knowledgeable on Sandboxie. I would assume you'd be fine though.

5. Yes, there was an exclusive version of the cheat sold. Currently, there is one using selling their exclusive. Half the money would go to the seller, the other half to Menalix. That's the only way to get it currently, and yes, it's better.

6. Most cheats for CSGO are flagged as Trojans by Antivirus as they use "complicated" injection methods to put it simply. I've been using since Mid-2016, and never once ran into any problems with this. Just add it to your anti-virus exception list so it doesn't get deleted and have fun.

Hopefully that answered your questions. Best of luck.
15-Mar-18, 06:40
Thank you, you've been very helpful. Who is the user selling their exclusive cheat? Can I contact them?
15-Mar-18, 11:44
Look in the marketplace section Smile
15-Mar-18, 14:24
Thank you Division

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