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HexUI Review
25-Mar-18, 07:03
Started using this about.. 3 days ago. I will say, this is fantastic stuff. I went from silver to MGE in no time! I did play against other hackers but I did not want to be overwatched so I did not go hardcore blatant or anything. If you're trying to rank up and do not have the aim or game sense to do so, this is it! Just play smart and dont get too antsy when using glow (Like, shooting too early or prefiring.) Oh did I mention the glow is friggin GREAT?? For new users, this is it! This hack is awesome. 5/5. The mods are quick to answer anything you question also, and that to me.. IS ALWAYS A PLUS!
25-Mar-18, 09:18
Good to hear you are enjoying hexui, thanks alot for the review Smile
25-Mar-18, 13:51
ayy thanks man Smile

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