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Updated input hook, to prevent it from crashing (9/7-2024)
The best legit cheat I've ever used!
02-Apr-18, 22:24
Well, first of all, this cheat is the best legit cheat I've ever used. The aimbot is one of the most legit looking aimbots I've ever seen myself, The only gripe I have is the RCS sometimes my screen shakes violently but only happens sometimes so its not that big of a deal. Overall the aimbot is a 10/10

Now for the triggerbot, I rarely used the it but the times I did it was very good. The triggerbot for like awping and deaging is perfect you just gotta find the perfect amount of delay, my delay was 184 and it was perfect to hold just on the corner then adjust when it shoots. Triggerbot 10/10

I also bought the glow esp which is the best I've ever used no flicker and the perfect alpha, also the fact you can toggle it on and off with just the press of a button is perfect. Glow ESP 10/10

The SoundESP, is amazing if you are trying to look legit you have to use this its super usefully I thought it was going to show the direction of the sound nope, it makes a nice sound that is very distinct you wont mistake it for anything in game. Overall 10/10

The Bhop feature Isn't something I really use that much because it makes you look very obvious and anyone could tell you're scripting. I'd like a feature for like Blatant and Legit on the Bhop setting but other than that no gripes at all. 9/10

The panic key is also a great addition.

This is the best cheat I've ever used I can't stress that enough, you have to get this cheat it's amazing best cheat I've ever bought it's perfect, This cheat fully deserves a 10/10

All the features you would want in a legit cheat ITS PERFECT BUY IT!!!!
03-Apr-18, 11:31
Thanks for the great review man , I'm glad you like it! Smile

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