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Review after 24h
07-May-18, 18:31 (This post was last modified: 07-May-18 18:39 by frobbe.)
Been here for around 24h, this review might not be helpful for so many since I am not a regular cheat user and might have a very different config to the majority.

Aimbot: 10/10, cant comment on all settings but I use non sticky aim, low fov, low smooth and no rcs. I tried rcs and it was good but recoil control is one of my strongest skill in this game so I want to do that by myself. My aimbot is basically set up so I need to aim close to the enemy, and the aimbot stops working when im on target (non sticky aim) and then I just controll my recoil and it works really good.

Iv'e been playing this game since 2007 and this aimbot definitly makes me better but its not super strong settings I use as you might understand but it looks so damn clean and giving me that little extra edge. Been analyzing 128 tick pov retake demos and 64 from MM in slowmotion and regular speed and it doesnt look like cheat at all.

Soundesp 9/10: Really cool feature, back in the days I got my hands on a soundesp and used it on a site called playzeek so its fun to have it again, been ages. I dont really know what to say about it but it helps me focus more when its needed but also I think it can be a little bit problematic, like if you play cache and you stand close to squeaky, maybe you dont hear the door propely because of the beeping sound. But I can propably just higher my ingame sound and lower windows or something like that.

Triggerbot: never used

Glowesp: I dont really like visuals so I dont use it but its a normal glow, you see if a enemy is hitted and you can bind it to a key.

Configuration 10/10 Its very easy to change settings in cloudconfig, just read what every settings does and there shouldnt be any problems to configure the aimbot.

Security: I dont know a shit about coding or how vac is working so cant really comment on that either but its been undetected for 1 year and a few months so I assume its good security Tongue

Otherwise I wouldnt be here if I thought the security was bad. Security and be able to get a aimbot to fit my playstyle and look legit on 64 & 128 tick demos is all that matters to me.

Ofc I gonna apply for premium user in the future if spots are open and I have reqs for it Big Grin

And one thing I also like really much is that this cheat doesnt have alot of shit features like skinchanger etc.
07-May-18, 23:03
Thank you for the review, I'm glad you're satisfied with Hexui so far chinese

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