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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
14-May-18, 17:18
Hey, I was hoping if you could make a cheat that only has silent aim set to 1 fov and the aimspot is in the head for the rest of the guns except the awp which will be on the chest area. I would like to buy it for any price! I will be using it on lan tournaments in my area which the servers will only be hosted by the players and not the event organizer himself. I would like it to be ran silently without adjusting anything. Open and play kind of cheat.
14-May-18, 23:11
Do you have an internet connection on the LAN ?

The cheat has no silent aim (also called pSilent) feature, but a smoothaimer. I'm playing since years with 2 to maximum of 4 fov. The cheat is customizable for each weapon so you can have different settings for rifles and snipers fo'sure. The cheat has also a silent load feature, so nobody on lan suspects you with weird cmd.exe on desktop.

You can possibly download the cheat before the lan and put it in your "shell:startup" (autostart) and it will inject when you boot the computer.
But you need a internet connection when you load the cheat.
15-May-18, 04:22
I don't have any connections with the lan but the only thing I know about their anticheat is that they use the deafult one that you play with your friends when you create a custom lobby. I was going in store the cheat in my mouse. Are you sure you can't get psilent because I really don't like pressing buttons when I go to an enemy's head. And yes, we can use internet.
15-May-18, 06:41
You can bind the cheat to Mouse1, just aim, click and the aimbot will do the rest (A user recently shared his settings that use Mouse1, as well as my own). Low FOV and Low smooth would be advisable but you'd have to configure settings to your liking. If they're only using VAC then you'll be 100% fine, but I recommend you test the cheat in your own environment before popping it in your mouse and showing up (I assume you'd do it anyway). Good luck.

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