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VACNet Update - How does it impact HeXui?
31-May-18, 00:29
Apparently a lot of new updates to HeXui causing many cheat providers to get banned. I was wondering how that is going to impact HeXui as a provider and was wondering on a time frame for these server problems to be resolved.

31-May-18, 06:58
(Hopefully its not our updates that get other providers banned Big Grin )

Vacnet/VAC is not affecting us in any way, regarding the server problem i dont have any timeframe but we hope to get it fixed asap since all of our costumers and future costumers are affected. Smile
01-Jun-18, 19:31
VACNet is just sending more ragers to overwatch, which it has been doing for over a year now. Everyone just suddently talks about it after valve mentioned it again.

Overwatch is something Hexui is very very good at avoiding, so I would argue it puts us in an even better position to have something like this in place compared to our competitors.

If you get a subscription you can read Menalix's take on VACNet here:
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