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I'm thinking of buying
03-Jul-18, 19:47 (This post was last modified: 03-Jul-18 19:49 by sprukrzw1.)
Hi everyone, I'm thinking about buying the cheater. They told me a lot about him. For some time I've had friends I've used before, but before that I need to get some doubts.
1 am I Brazilian will I have some way to support cheat injection help?
2 I do not have paypal but I have a credit card, can I make the purchase anyway?
3 how long has this hex is without ban VAC WAVE...?
4 after I make the payment via credit card from a few hours I will be able to have access?

I will speak very well of the cheat hexui, it's time to test
03-Jul-18, 20:57
1. There's english instructions in the private section and there's also a forum where you can ask for help.

2. We only accept through paypal, but perhaps you can do it through guest checkout.

3. 16½ months (18 months before that)

4. Here's a activation ETA:
04-Jul-18, 20:45
My question is a bit sick, but I'll ask ...

I have two csgo accounts, one I play CLEAN the other using cheat, if I play with one using cheating (and assuming a VAC ban happens to happen) my second account will take even me, not using cheater? Why does cheating change the correct game files? will ban the account in which I play CLEAN? or just the one I enter the cheat
05-Jul-18, 00:15
Only if your phone number is linked to both accounts (or has been in the last 2-4 weeks).

Otherwise you will only get banned on the account you cheat on.
05-Jul-18, 00:43
I did not understand the part where you talk in 2 or 4 weeks.

sorry my friend but I need to take the doubts so I can buy without any risk, thank you.
05-Jul-18, 01:08
If youve never cheated on the account you will not get banned. Just be sure to not have same linked phone numbers for prime etc.

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