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Private aim assist - leagues
25-Jul-18, 10:52
Hello Melanix and the Hexui team,

i've been following you on both Hexui and HF and you seem to be really competent in the cs:go hacking area.

I'm currently looking for a private small aim assist (not an aimbot) for league purposes (ESEA or FaceIT client, i'm opened to both). I received some proposals from HF, notably including one developer who seems serious. I would be happy to discuss it with you if you know it (in PM - i don't have enough posts to do it directly).

Furthermore, do you propose this kind of service to your customers if they have a decent level in cs:go ? I'm 27 yo and have enough money to put into this project.

Have a nice day,
25-Jul-18, 18:31
post in payment issues, that way you can talk directly with menalix

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