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Glow ESP
01-Sep-18, 15:12
I've got a question: Is it possible to configure the Glow esp like Chams? So the enemy is glowing red or something but not able to see through the wall?

I'm not allowed to post a picture or a link but i try it: (delete the spaces)

https: // /thumbnail /dlidcapw /esp.jpg
01-Sep-18, 17:54
01-Sep-18, 20:38
not yet
03-Sep-18, 19:05
I hope they add visibility check on Glow esp. It really helps to avoid looking on walls.
03-Sep-18, 21:59
(01-Sep-18 20:38)jLOL Wrote:  not yet

Does that mean they are working on it or that its just not in ?

Would also love this feature !

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