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when will paypal option will be available?
19-Sep-18, 14:28
i dont know how to purchase btc online and paypal is the easiest to do, any help?
20-Sep-18, 14:16
no paypal, no sub.
20-Sep-18, 14:25
Yeah the PayPal tab doesn't even appear.. I wonder what happened.?
20-Sep-18, 14:54
same problem here lmao...
20-Sep-18, 16:44
same here
20-Sep-18, 17:11
We are aware of the issue, it will be fixed asap. Smile
21-Sep-18, 13:32
Any idea when it will be fixed so i can resub? Thanks.
21-Sep-18, 17:32
I also want to purchase, hopefully it is fixed soon.
21-Sep-18, 17:59
me too!
i can at least now see it "trying" to work...
22-Sep-18, 07:01
Yep How long will it take to repair?
22-Sep-18, 12:50
comeback to me paypal !!!!!
22-Sep-18, 13:41
Guys theyre doing their best, theyre losing money everysecond that its down. Be patient.

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