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12 years in cheating communitys
06-Oct-18, 01:04 (This post was last modified: 06-Oct-18 01:07 by SebentoX.)

People who have been involved in cs cheating communities probably know my name, I was an admin for a while at enhancedaim, been a moderator at RH and multiple others during the years, also friend with the coder wav.

So take my word when I say that hexui is one of the best combinations of cheats I've tried since EA, good protection but still good quality of cheat AND its cheap as fuck… dont look anywhere else..

EDIT: AND by the way I have tried almost every cheat on the market and have Always been dissapointed until hexui, its actually weird its so cheap tbh….

06-Oct-18, 12:11
Thanks for your honest review @SebentoX Heart
18-Oct-18, 23:28
(06-Oct-18 12:11)jLOL Wrote:  Thanks for your honest review @SebentoX Heart

I dont give shitty reviews for no reason, I mean every word.

All cred to the team behind hexui

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