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Tournment in my country
14-Nov-18, 05:54
Hi guys. i was a customer of this cheat (Perfect Cheat in the world in my opinion)
I have a little question, i will have a tournment in my country [LG Gaming Cup 2018] and I wanted to know if i can use Hexui in that tournment and how to modify my current settings so that it does not happen to me like forsaken,

I wait for answers and thanks for ur time to read!

( My english is so bad, i know :c )
14-Nov-18, 08:46
If you use your own pc, you can basicly load the cheat and then afterwards delete the cheat, so they wont be able to find it, atleast not as easy as they found forsakens.

Forsaken is a horrible player who bought a horrible cheat and had horrible settings, hexui is a legit cheat and with the right settings noone will notice you are cheating at all.
14-Nov-18, 09:00
But the tournment (Semifinals and final) is in person, How I do? If to use the cheat i need change my HWID (for the computer that they give me in the tournament) and have the Hexui panel with my username running.

Also, how to inject the trick in that computer disguisedly?
14-Nov-18, 11:38
Menalix said in another thread regarding LANs that he might be able to do so the hwid was done from a txt file, im sure how or exactly what he meant.

The cmdbox wont pop up if you set "hide console" to ON.

If the hwid can be read from a txt file, you would only have to run the cheatfile and then right after, delete the cheat file and the txt file made for the hwid.
14-Nov-18, 15:30
But, Hexui has a silent load? in case there were people behind, also how I restart my HWID?

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