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05-Dec-18, 17:53
Will there be an option to upgrade to Lifetime a.k.a Exclusive again? Smile

And if yes, then when?

Kinda just wanna know since I'm about to buy the 90 day subscription, but if Lifetime/Exclusive will come soon, I'd rather wait and get that instead!

05-Dec-18, 17:58
Exclusive will never be sold again.

However, you can buy one from other exclusive members if the wish to sell theirs, but all sales goes trough Menalix and you have to be approved aswell, more info can be found on the closed forums.
05-Dec-18, 18:00
Ay, sir.

Thanks for the quick reply Smile

Yeah, I know about the approval as I'm a returning customer - but I didn't know about the buyout-from-other-member-option

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