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1 year or LIFETIME
19-Dec-18, 10:44
message or commend price for premium 1 year or lifetime pls? thanks staff hexui
19-Dec-18, 13:29
Premium is sold a couple of times pr year and only for a few days/a week, noone will be told when the next sale is and anyone who wants to buy will have to apply in a topic made for it, after the week has gone all application are looked at and then Menalix/Division decides who gets in.
19-Dec-18, 22:36
thanks hapsdog chinese
29-Dec-18, 14:52
available lifetime?
29-Dec-18, 15:11
dont knew it
29-Dec-18, 18:34
(29-Dec-18 14:52)abdulfiqri11 Wrote:  available lifetime?
Lifetimes are not sold only if a member agrees to sell it to you.

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