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Ban Appeal
04-Feb-19, 15:10
To whom it may concern,

I must post this here, as the ban appeal forum requires users to have paid for a second subscription to post.
I was recently had my account (Gimpwhipper) Deactivated due to making "False claims" in the shoutbox.
This is egregiously unfair, considering how long i have left on my subscription.
Sure, the comment may have poorly considered at the time - however having immediately received a VAC ban upon opening CSGO, moments before posting in the 'shoutbox' - the intention was to prevent others from experiencing any possible detection.
Furthermore, I wish to be directed to a section within the forums that forewarns users that alerting others to any possible detection will result in a ban.
I earnestly request my subscription be reinstated for the duration of what i have payed for (with or without access to the forums)

Warm Regards,


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