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Subscription expired prematurely
12-Feb-19, 21:12 (This post was last modified: 12-Feb-19 21:29 by br0ken.)
Hi Division,

Just a quick one I've logged in to find my subscription is expired however if I remember correctly my subscription should've ended on the 18th as I was going to resub on the 15th when I get paid but its saying its run out today.

Would you be able to clarify this for me please.


Edit 1: Forgot to mention I can't private message you or post on the live chat board.

Edit 2: I've just resubbed anyway, so if it turns out I was wrong pay this post no attention
14-Feb-19, 07:39
Hey broken.

You bought a 30 day sub which lasted from the 12th January to the 11th February
Which is not short as you can see here:

Hope that clarifies Smile

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